Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Oh my God! My PMS is terrible since surgery! I was a wicked wicked girl when I was home visiting my parents last weekend. I was confrontational, impatient, and just awful. I could see myself behaving terribly, but i couldn't stop.

On my 5 hour drive home, my back start aching and sure enough as soon as i get home, boom, my friend arrives. I was warned that dropping weight releases tons of estrogen because it is stored in fat cells. What they didn't tell me was that estrogen = free range crazy.

Wowzie! I had some back-pedaling to do after the crazy fog lifted. but I tucked my tail between my legs and apologized.

God I hope this doesn't happen every month! I am going to have to lock myself in a cage in the basement, like a werewolf at full moon.

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Through Thick and Thin said...

my monthly friend has gotten worse post WLS. more cramps, more PMS symptoms and it lasts longer. A small price to pay for the wonderful results.

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