Tuesday, April 29, 2008

eating update

Ok so eating is getting a bit easier. Maybe my pouch was just confused by the change.

However, until now, I have felt great, but these last three days I have been so exhausted. Even if I sleep enough. Could my lack of calories be catching up with me? Hopefully this is just a phase and I will get through it. This has come at a bad time though. I am finishing up my masters degree and all of the semester projects are due next week, so i am super busy this week. But all I want to do is NAP! Oh well, this is just another price to pay for health right? Well, I am off for a nap now, but not a long one - busy busy busy.


denise said...

You have officially left the "honeymoon period". That is the time after surgery where you feel great and then you hit a small wall. Just take your protein drinks, vitamins, and make yourself eat. Also, allow yourself to rest because you did just have major surgery!

AJ said...

Hi Denise! How do I contact you?

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