Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blog crazy - actually all kinds of crazy

Ok, so I know I am posting like every other minute, but I wanted to get this out there.

I have just been given the green light to start eating some pureed/mechanically soft foods. my problem? I don't want anything. Foods sounds good, I get hungry, I cook something. I take one bite (i am not exaggerating) and I am done. I cannot force myself to eat any more. I am actually repulsed by the idea. By the time my appetite comes back 30-40 minutes later, my food is so cold it is inedible.

Has anyone else gone through this or have any advice for me? I know I need to eat, I am scared of becoming sick. I am taking my vitamins, but I feel like I take so many pills right now, they fill up my pouch too. AAHH! (sorry just a little frustrated)


Amber said...

I did this! I would take a couple bites, then BAM! I was full and grossed out. I still do this... If I try to push pass it by taking another bite, I can not swallow it. It is crazy!
Just try to presh thru to get your vitamins in b/c it is very important. It gets easier w/ time!! Now I can swallow a handful of pills/vitamins at once w/ no problems!
I am so excited to watch your progress! You are already doing well! :)

denise said...

I never could take the vitamins. I got the chewables and OMG, a new world opened up. Let me know if you need a website to order. They are the same price as my Dr. office, but free shipping, and they auto ship. Which is great considering the gas prices.

I kept lots of chicken salad, ham salad made and on hand. This way, i didn't have to worry about making something each time i got hungry. You have to force yourself to eat a couple a tablespoons a few times a day. Make sure you are getting in all your protein supplements. hang in there

Kim said...

I have no advice as I am struggling with this myself right now. Lack of hunger, totally! And I know I'm not getting in enough protein as the shakes make me want to puke.

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