Thursday, April 24, 2008


For those of you who have had/or are planning to have WLS -

Do you openly tell people that you had the surgery? Or just a select few? Any tips of approaching this subject/

Also - do you tell friends and family about your blog?



Brownie Girl said...

I haven't been completely open about having surgery, but I haven't been hiding it either. All my friends and family know I'm having it, as does my boss.

The hardest person to tell was my closest girl friend. She and I are partners in BBW comiseration, and often rely on each other to survive those painful shopping trips. I really felt like I was betraying her by having the surgery. Thankfully, she's really supportive of my choice!

And as far as my blog goes, my closest friends know about and post on my blog. My parents don't know much about blogging, so it's a mute point with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your BLOG but love the way you write and can't wait to read more. Congrats on all your success so far.

As for me, I am pursuing the LapBand surgery. Should have all requirements met by the end of October.

I have chosen only to tell close family members and one or two very close friends. Over the years my close network of friends has dwindled to only a few that I would trust with this very personal information.

Again BRAVO on all of your successes and cheers to what is yet to come!

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