Monday, October 6, 2008

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to


This stuff is so yummy, but kind of expensive.  It has become a crutch for me.  I whip one up at 2:30 3ish in the afternoon at work and I buzz through the rest of the day.

well, today I decided that one every day was too often and it should be reserved for afternoons when my butt is really dragging (save me money and calories).  So I did not have one today.  The afternoon took FOREVER to end.  And I was SO hungry by the time I got home.  Usually this stuff peps me up and keeps me from afternoon snacking.  I cam so close today to hitting the vending machine.

Oh well, might as well give up and just pay the $ and drink the stuff.  It is healthier than breaking down and buying peanut M&Ms from the vending machine and passing out at my desk from a food coma.  ARGH!


Amber said...

What about some other protein snack options? Here are some things I really enjoy for my afternoon snack:

* Cheese - I've totally become a cheese snob. This week, it's Dubliner Irish cheddar.

* Edamame - YUM. I keep some frozen edamame in the freezer all the time, and throw some in a Gladware container in the morning. I toss in some sea salt, and seasoning of the day (I love the seasoning from By 2-ish, the edamame is thawed and super tasty.

* Beef jerky - Okay, this one may be scary, but thoroughly chewed, it sits quite well with me.

* Just the Cheese - From (my favorite flavor is BBQ)

* Raw veggies w/ hummus or tzaziki

AJ said...

These are all great suggestions, but I work in a "working showroom" and i am not allowed to eat at my desk. It makes eating these healthy snacks kind of hard. So far, Click seems to be a good solution, plus I get that great espresso kick. :)

Amber said...

That's a bummer!

That being said as someone who is in the legal field, I have to tell you that if you need to eat at your desk for medical reasons, your employer CANNOT prohibit you from doing so. At a bare minimum they are required to allow you time away from your desk to snack when medically necessary. A WLS patients need for eating at regular intervals is covered by the ADA requirements for "reasonable accomodations".

Not that you would want to press the issue, but if it becomes a big problem going forward, don't forget that the law is on your side. :)

mm said...

I like that Amber. :)

Anyway - she's gotcha back.

What do you "do"?

AJ said...

MM- i don't know if that question was for me or Amber, but I am a product manager (marketer) for a furniture manufacturer.

AJ said...

By the way, I like that Amber too! ;)

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