Thursday, October 9, 2008

If food is the way to a mans heart, then are the way to mine.  

I love shoe shopping and since losing so much weight, I have found that not only has my clothing size gone down, but so has my shoe size.  So I desperately need new shoes for work because i am walking out of my heels that I have now.  And it is only time until I break my neck.  So here are my new babies:

Both are Born brand.  They are super comfy and last forever.  Investments really. :)

I don't know why shoe shopping makes me so happy.  I swear it releases endorphins!  The shoe salesguy was also VERY cute (young but cute) and he said that the boots made me look "rockin."  That helped my mood too.  

Also, those boots are normal boots.  Made to fit normal ankles.  and GUESS WHAT!?!?!  THEY FIT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOO-HOO!  "Normal" I LOVE that Freakin' word!


kcbelles said...

Cool shoes! Love 'em both, especially the boots. I noticed, too, that my feet have gotten smaller - nice perk, huh? I was one that mostly wore sandals, because I didn't care for the tight feeling of regular shoes. Not so bad anymore! Congrats on your weight loss to date!

Peggy said...

Wow…. those shoes are just perfect to win any body's heart.

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