Sunday, August 31, 2008


So my best friends J&D invited me to come to their home in St Louis and then go on a float trip followed by a night of camping. Generally, I am not a camper, but I figured what the hell.

We had a great time on the river. I got pretty sunburned despite copious amounts of 70 SPF and I am still peeling and itching like mad from it.

It was very fun to see my friends and have some social contact beyond work. I was crazy the following morning however and I think I probably scared my friend J away. While everyone enjoyed a buffet breakfast at the camp, I could not because it was all carbs and the scrambled eggs, my only hope, for some reason went down like a rock. So we ventured out on a three hour drive home with nothing on my stomach. So my sugar crashed and because we were in the middle of nowhere, following another car, we could not stop at a gas station. We had no bars on our cell phones and did not know how to get back on our own. Now, when my sugar bottoms out, I turn into a crazy person. So I proceeded to throw a fit and act nutso. Not something I normally like to do in front of people. Luckily J has been my friend for the better part of a decade and he knows this, but I still feel awful for making him uncomfortable and acting like a spazzed out bitch. I have since apologized to which he responded it was no big deal, but I still feel bad and awkward.

I need to get control of my emotions. Ever since surgery, I am a mess. I know some of it is adjusting, but some of it is also hormones. I just pray I can get through this phase and soon.

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Allan said...

Read everything and I am very impressed with your success. I love the picture, where you say you have a long way to go. It will happen, and we will be watching...

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