Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is LA

So I really hate LA. Every time I go to the City of Angels, bad things happen to me. This trip was no exception.

It began with me leaving my cell phone, with all of my contacts on the airplane. After exhausting all of my search options, I gave up and declared the phone lost forever.

After the fiasco of searching for my phone, I get to my hotel. Beautiful lobby, awful rooms. Dirty looking, carpet full of stains and overall just suspect. In fact, my first night, I woke up to some very strange and loud gurgling noises emanating from the bathroom. When I got up to inspect, there was dirty water flowing from the toilet from the wrong direction. Maintenance came and fixed it, then housekeeping. With a dirty mop and no disinfectants, the housekeeper sopped up the dirty filth and then left. SHE DID NOT use any Lysol, bleach etc. Did I mention that the water was, ummm, dirty, and from the TOILET? Luckily, I showered the night before, so I thew towels down to sop up the carpet and returned to bed with plans to deal with this in the morning. After requesting that housekeeping bleach down my room and carpet while I was at work for the day, I returned to find a fan hooked up in my room to dry the carpet, but the dirty towels still there and nothing in my room cleaned otherwise. Trash still there, bed unmade, no fresh towels....etc. And best of all my second story sliding glass door left wide open with all of my stuff inside. Did I mention that I was in LA? I was so pissed off! Then I was moved to a new room, which was marginally better and I spent the rest of my trip feeling dirty and using hand sanitizer and bleach wipes on everything.

Not Pleasant at all.

besides that hotel, I spent the entire trip being shunned by my co-workers. I don't know why though. As I had just met these women, i had not even had the chance to do anything to warrant this behavior. They spent the entire trip gossipping, shopping, going out and generally acting like great old fiends. I asked one of the women how long they had known each other, and she said only a couple of weeks. I could not figure out why they would make plans right in front of me and just not ask me to join them. Not even once! i don't know what I did. i was nice to them. I generally think I am a fun to be around person, we are all in the same general age range. I cannot figure it out! What is wrong with me?

I came home from this trip exhausted both mentally and physically and got in my car and drove directly to St Louis to spend the weekend camping with some friends. Which leads me to my next post...

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Amber said...

I'm so sorry your trip to LA was craptastico!!!

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