Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend with Friends

So here is my latest full length shot. I guess my shirt is a bit big, but I don't have many that truly fit anymore. In the picture with me are my friends Justin and Melissa.
Since I am living in Nowheresville, Iowa, I thought that a trip to see some friends would do me some good. So, I drove up to Minneapolis where several of my friends have relocated to. I had a great time shopping at Mall of America and IKEA. I can definitely say that I got my exercise on Saturday by shopping. I hit Nordstrom Rack and struck gold. I walked out with four pairs of quality shoes and I got a great bargain on them!
The friend I stayed with graduated from grad school the year before me and has not seen me since my surgery. I spent a good part of the trip explaining to her how the surgery works, how I am feeling, etc etc etc. It is a bit weird to have to talk that much about myself, but every time I do, I find out more about myself. I realized this weekend how scared I am about my future. I was scared before surgery that I would die hugely fat and young. Now I am scared that i will get sick from this surgery and die young anyway. I didn't realize this consciously until I found myself talking with her about it.
I went out Saturday night with my friends and had a great time talking and laughing. I have some truly great people in my life. Thank you Debra, Justin and Melissa. You all completely cheered me up.
And to all my internet/blog friends. Thank you for filling the void and easing my loneliness.

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Amber said...

You look good, but girl you have to suck it up and shop for clothes that fit you!!! I still catch myself looking at stuff that I know won't fit! You look great and I'm so glad you had a nice weekend and that it took your mind off things!

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