Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spoke too soon. AKA lessons learned the hard way

On Friday, I had to go to a meeting in Indiana. We took corporate jet to one of our sister company's headquarters, where we walked a huge, hot factory floor to examine how they build their product. Mistake number 1) Forgot to tote some water - literally almost passed out. So, I learned that lesson the hard way. Mistake number 2) I did not eat breakfast, I just had a protein laden latte. However, i did this at 5am and lunch was not scheduled until 12:30 pm - again almost passed out. Then when lunch rolled around, it was Pizza! What was I to do? I ate the toppings off a ham and veggie slice and tried not to draw attention to myself. Lesson learned - Always pack a couple protein bars. My new favorite is this:
and I should have toted a few along!

Well, overall it was a miserable day. The meetings went well, but i was definitely distracted by discomfort. So next time I will be prepared!

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