Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First business lunch post-op

Uh-oh! I faced the situation today which I head been dreading since surgery. My team took me out to eat for a welcome lunch. I was so nervous. I think if they notice how little I eat, will they think I am just playing being a light eater, because obviously looking at me I must eat right? Or will they notice that I eat the meat off the sandwich and not the bread? or or or...all these scenarios going through my crazy brain.

Well, it went by mostly uneventfully. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich and a small side salad. Everyone was so busy asking me questions that even if I had wanted too, I wouldn't have been able to eat much. So, when i took home most of my leftovers, no one batted an eye.

I might tell my immediate team about the surgery at some point, but for now, I'd rather stick to business.


Amber said...

Way to handle things gracefully! I've worried about this as well, but my husband reminds me that most people are so concerned with themselves that they pay others no mind. I 1/2 believe that!

Amber said...

i agree w/ the otherr amber too! it has been my experience in the last year or so, that no one really pays much attention to what i eat. (excluding my crazy family... but that is a whole nother story and they know about my surgery so.. yeah they don't count...) anyway... back to my comment...yeah in most cases, everyone is so concerned w/ what they are doing, my plate goes pretty much unnoticed! :)

Amber said...

I feel like that when we have friends over for dinner or go to friends for dinner, like they're wondering why I'm hardly eating, but oh well, now that I'm small I figure people probably think I starve myself to stay thin, you can't win you eat and they think you're a pig or you don't and they think you're starving to stay thin....I'm just happy and could give a rat's a*^ about what people think about my eating, I know what I'm eating and why and that's all that matters! Hope you're enjoying your new job!!! :) Time for you to post a new pic with clothes that fit, that last one that shirt was baggy on ya!

Meghan said...

Sounds like you handled things perfectly! I doubt you'll have to tell everyone about your surgery unless you WANT to. Well played! :)

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