Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I know that is still a lot, but I cannot remember ever weighing this little. I am super happy. And so far, only minimal hair loss!

On the job front though, I am sucking. I took a job and moved for it and started this Monday. Halfway through the day, the HR office called and said I had to leave immediately because my criminal check and drug test were never performed. They only hired me in March to start in JULY! For crying out loud, was that not enough time? So here I sit waiting to hear when I can begin work. It is frustrating! They already paid movers to move me and everything. How backward is that?


Meghan said...

My hair's coming out like crazy, but I don't look bald or anything. Fortunately, I had really thick hair to start with. But if this keeps up??? Sheesh.

Yay on the job!!

Lacy said...

hah! I hit 258 on july 1st as well! how fun is that. :) congrats on your success. I'm a wls post op too. ;)

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