Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hormonal rage and craziness

I normally like to consider myself sane. But not today, oh no! So starting out, I am currently hosting my monthly visitor. Combine this with getting up very early to wait for the satellite guy after staying up too late last night and you have a crazy cocktail.

i woke up at the crack of dawn to make myself presentable for the technician who was scheduled to arrive sometime between 7am and noon. I wait and wait and wait. At 12:01, I am pissed. (long story short - third attempt for them to fix problem. I have had two, count them two days of functionality in three weeks) So I cll said company, which might rhyme with Shmish Shmetwork, and told them to get someone out here TODAY, or cancel my service. An hour later and three supervisors later, and they finally agreed to cancel my service. But only after I begged and pleaded and then finally screamed, CANCEL MY GD SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate getting to that point, but they just wouldn't stop trying to convince me that I should keep their service despite the fact that it does not work, and they cannot seem to find time to fix it. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? NO, it does not.

So after that fiasco, my wait for my washer and dryer delivery began. They delivery folks called and told me they were running early, could they come now? Of course I say, I am out running errands, but I can be home in 15 minutes. They say great we will most likely be there in 25 minutes or so. So I scurry home, excited by the fact that i get to wash everything in my house from clothes to curtains tonight. When they arrive, 3 hours later! (we won't go into that) they say that the part they sold me to hook the dryer up to the vent is too short. So I say, ok, can I buy a longer one. They say, probably not from us though. and they tell me to go to the hardware store and buy this piece, they wrote it down and everything, and then it will be a snap to install. The dryer is light, they say. No sweat, you'll have no trouble at all. So they leave. and they leave my dryer in the hall uninstalled. so i go get the parts and try to do it myself. Now, i live alone in a town where I know NO ONE. and i cannot get this to install. At which point I am saying the f word so much it is beginning to sound like a mantra. So I call them back. They guy on the phone says. i don't know what to do about this. I guess I can have someone call you. I say call me today? He says, umm i don't know. I say call me Monday? He says, ummm i don't know. I say, well I have a dryer in my hall. blocking the path to my bedroom and bathroom today. and it is heavy. and i tried, but I cannot hook it up and move it myself, which i PAID YOU TO DO! I was literally crying. OVER A DRYER. and TV, lets be honest here, I NEED my Law and Order marathons. I hang up on the guy because I hate to cry and I refuse to cry to a stranger. SO, I call my boy and sob like a mad woman. He is nice and caring, but he is 2000 miles away. So, I call my other guy, Dad. Who is goofy, but wonderful. He tries to talk me through the process, to no avail. Then as I start to cry again, he says, I will come up there tonight and hook it up. It will be fine. I will go get your mom and we will be on our way. They live 4 HOURS away. I love my dad. I hate the TV people and the appliance people, but I love my dad.

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Amber said...

Hope dad made it to fix you up. Take all that frustration out on a walk or something. Knowing myself, in the old days dealing with that crap would have resulted in a supersized number 2 from Mc Donalds and a 10 piece chix nuggets but not anymore! Still waiting for a new pic!!!

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