Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Body is no wonderland

it is a foreign land

OK, so lots of weird things are going on with me!

First, the crazy PMS - see post below

Second, my sense of smell is in hyper-drive! I can smell everything, like a fricken' bloodhound! Now when I first moved to Iowa from the stinky dirty city, my sense of smell got more sensitive, but since my surgery, I could rival Paris' finest perfume designers for nose talent! When, I got up this morning and went upstairs for coffee, I could tell by the smell in the hallway that my roommate had recently been there. Sure enough, i look out the window and see taillights of the car as he left. It freaked me out! And my cat's breath is enough to make me want to die. My roommate assures me that it is the same as it has always been though.

Third, I now have noodle legs. I take a long walk or ride my bike and my legs are all wobbly for several hours. I've never felt anything like this!

Which leads me to the question: What other surprises am I in for?


MM said...

Just you wait. Hehehehe.

Amber said...

I wish I would have kept a list of all the crazy things my body and senses put me through. Just wait until the hair loss kicks in OMG, you're going to think you're going bald. Then there's your pouch, one day it's likes something the next not happening! You're in for a rollercoaster, but wow will it be worth it after a year!

Taunia said...

Oh my god! My sense of smell is crazy too - so, so overwhelming! The weird thing I get now? Hiccups...EVERY DAY. I hiccup maybe 3 or 4 times, then it's done. And I too and dealing with wicked PMS right now....and sadly, my desire to eat during this time is still here. Lucikly, I can't really do that. :)

Congrats on your progress - love your blog!

Amber said...

I'll bet that sense of smell thing is another by product of stored estrogen in fat cells. I know when I was pregnant, I had the same bloodhound like sense of smell that you're describing. The scent of toothpaste made me want to hurl.

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