Wednesday, May 7, 2008

dressy dress

So I graduate from grad school next Friday and I need a dress. BUT, I am fat and live in the middle of a corn field, so needless to say cute dresses in my size are hard to come by. SO, I ponied up the money and ordered a couple of dresses online. What do you think?

I will see which one i should keep and which I should send back. They should arrive tomorrow and I will update with pic of me in them. But for now, here are the catalog shots.(if only I looked like the model, sigh) Do they seem appropriate for a daytime graduation? (of course I will be slapping a cardigan over them to hide my fat sausage arms).


Amber said...

I love them! Where did you find them?

It's so hard to find nice plus-sized formalwear (or any wear for that matter). I usually stick with for things like that. They're a tad pricey, but they fit perfect and are super cute.

Nice choices!

AJ said...

I bought them at I think the material used in their selection always looks nicer than IGIGI's for around the same price. Plus sometimes, it is designer stuff (I love Michael Kors)

Felicia said...

I think they are perfect!! Love the colors and the cuts. SO CUTE and very pretty at the same time.

Cant wait to hear how the look!


She's A Rebel said...

They're both really pretty. I'm jealous that you can wear sleeveless. My arms look like I'm carrying around two deflated rubber balls under each of them. Very ugly.

I think the one with the black top is the one I'd go for if it were me...but that's me. It's all going to depend on how they look on your body.

Take a picture for us!

AJ said...

Well, don' be too jealous! I am covering my sausage arms with a cardigan of sorts (order several types to try from Torrid .com) I figure, I'll try on the assortment and send back the rejects. Hopefully they will be here today and i can post pics tomorrow.

Amber said...

I like the one on the left better. The one on the right (Black top) looks a little maternity to me. I hear ya about the arms. My are totally disgusting. That is the one thing that gets me down about the weight loss. You can cover a belly and fix boobs in a bra, but you can't fix the arms, which eliminates a tone of shirts for me! Can't wait to see the pics of you in the dresses!

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