Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 4 after surgery

I have been a bad blogger. I have already neglected my new project.

Well I have had my surgery and I am sitting on my couch recovering. All I can eat or drink is skim milk, water and broth. However, I want nothing. I have no appetite at all. Hopefully this will last forever. I doesn't even bother me when others are eating!

On a side note, Doug has just left. He was here for my surgery and took good care of me. I love him so much and we are currently separated because he is caring for his mother in Phoenix since his father just passed away. It has been a terrible time for him recently. After his father died, he got into a terrible car accident while he was back in Seattle packing everything for the move to Phoenix. I know this surgery came at a bad time for him, so I am so happy that he left the beautiful desert weather and came to messy, cold Iowa to hold my hand during my surgery.

I think he understands why I wanted this, but he was nervous and is worried that I won't get enough nutrition now. He knows I am scared that I will end up like my mother, whose diabetes has lead to neuropathy which causes chronic pain and she takes loads of medicines to deal with, and this has caused her mental decline and medical retirement at the young age of 53. It is hard to handle and I need to avoid her fate. So this surgery, while it sucks now it the best decision I've ever made. You have to give to get right? I am giving up many things, but I am gaining a healthy future, so it is very worth it.

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