Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long time no blog

Well hello all three of you who read this blog. I am sorry for the prolonged absense. I have been flitting from town to town and have not had a lot of time to document anything.

I start my job on June 30 and until then I am traveling as much as possible. I went to New York and St. Louis already and next is Chicago and then Phoenix and then the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. WOO! I am one tired chica. BUT, i love to travel and take pics, so I am having a blast blast blast.

On the WLS front. I am managing well. Since I am traveling, I am almost exclusively eating in restaurants. But I am sticking to the rules and eating lean proteins and my protein powder and vitamins are getting toted around the country. So all in all things are good. I am down 75 lbs from my highest weight (at surgery consult) and 55 lbs since surgery. I feel really good and my energy levels are fine. I even rode a bicycle all the way around Central Park in New York (6.7 miles total thank you very much!)

My clothes are all way too big now, so some went to my mom, and the rest went to the Salvation Army and Dress for Success. Now however, I can fit my entire wardrobe into one medium suitcase, so I need clothes badly! I don't want to start my new job naked :) (I'm sure no else wants that either) So send me some suggestions smart ladies!


Amber said...

Glad you're out and about. I'm sure you're just amazed by the change in your pace and attitude towards doing things and going out! I'm in KC, ya should have stopped by and said hello! I was just in Vegas twice in the last 2 weeks (moved from there in August)...have fun and take in all the sites!

Pam said...

Wow! You are currently living my dream vacation! I'd love to hob-nob all over the country to see the sites and play with my new camera. Have fun on the rest of your stops!

As for clothes. Hit Goodwill! Also find the thrift stores in Chicago - I have a friend who swears they are the best anywhere. My entire wardrobe (business casual) is currently from Goodwill and most were brand new when I bought them.

Have fun traveling!

denise said...

Don't forget consignment shops! They have some great stuff too. This might sound weird but i've lost 116.5 (yes the half counts) so far and i've only bought 3 pair of jean capris! I must be delusional.
Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Get it in now, because first you get the great job, then comes the husband, then comes the kids, then you won't get to travel! LOL
Congrats on the weight loss.

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